A simple trick to snooze emails in Apple Mail

Do you ever find yourself wanting to snooze emails in Apple Mail? If you primarily use Apple Mail, I have a trick up my sleeve that you might find helpful: snoozing emails using the Reminders app.

Now, Apple Mail itself doesn't have a built-in snooze feature, but by leveraging Reminders, you can achieve a similar effect. Here's how:

  1. Open the email you want to snooze.

  2. Select some text in the email, like the subject. This helps identify the email later in your Reminders.

  3. Right-click the selected text and choose Share.

  4. In the sharing menu, select Reminders.

  5. A new reminder is created with the selected text and a link back to the original email in your Mail app. Now, you can set a specific date and time to be reminded about this email.

Tip: I recommend creating a dedicated Reminders list titled “Snoozed Emails” to keep these reminders organized and easily accessible.

This way, you can snooze an email, knowing that the Reminders app will nudge you at the designated date and time.

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