An OLED iPad Pro will be worth every extra penny–if it delivers this one feature ➡️

Jason Snell

Now that today’s iMacs and iPads are essentially the same in terms of their internal hardware, maybe it’s time for Apple to do the unthinkable and allow the iPad Pro (and only the iPad Pro) to run macOS in a virtual machine. How much more useful and valuable would an iPad Pro be if it could not only run in touchscreen mode, driven by fingers or Apple Pencil, but if it could be attached to a keyboard and trackpad and used like a Mac laptop?

The hardware is capable. The virtualization would allow macOS to act like an iPad app. It wouldn’t need to support the touchscreen since a keyboard and trackpad would be required. And security-wise, Apple could lock the “Mac app” down as much as it needed to… but also, wouldn’t the extra complication be worth it for a product that’s only of interest to pro-level users? There are some things I just can’t do on my iPad Pro because of limitations in iPad software. Adding optional support for the Mac would solve that problem in one swift stroke.

Speculation for sure, but the prospect of running macOS on the iPad Pro through a virtual machine is undoubtedly a feature that would pique my interest, regardless of its potentially higher price tag.

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