Apple thinks the next big thing is ... journaling?

Adam Clark Estes

This week, Apple did just that with the release of an app called — you guessed it — Journal. The app is free with the latest iOS update, and it’s brutally simple: just a single blank landing page with a plus sign at the bottom that lets you add entries. Those could be in the form of recent photos, calendar events, workouts, or podcasts you’ve listened to. The app also suggests adding so-called Moments, where you can create an entry out of, say, a podcast you listened to and a photo you took while taking a stroll around the park. You can even use the share button in apps like Safari or Notes to create an entry from a webpage or block of text. Machine learning, a relative of AI, powers the suggestions the app makes for Moments, according to Apple, but beyond that, it’s not clear how AI may factor into the experience.

Even though I'm a long-time Day One user grandfathered in on the old Plus plan, I'm still giving the Journal app a try. I appreciate its simplicity.

The one feature that keeps me hooked on Day One is the “On This Day” functionality. It's the perfect way to revisit past journal entries and relive the memories I've captured.

Published first to – December 21, 2023

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