Back to Drafts app as my information repository

About a year ago, I made a significant decision to move away from using Drafts as my primary information repository. At the time, I transferred all my notes, research, long-term thinking, and journaling from Drafts to plain text files. It felt like a big shift. However, just this week, I made another change. I moved all my text-processing tasks back into Drafts.

While Drafts is now my go-to for notes, research, long-term thinking, and journaling, I still prefer to do my writing in Ulysses versus Drafts.

As a side note, if you're considering using Drafts as an information repository, remember that it strictly supports plain text only. Rich content like images or videos is a no-go. To fill this gap, I rely on Apple's Notes app.

One of the main reasons for my shift back to Drafts is my dissatisfaction with managing individual files in Finder, especially on the Files app for my iPhone and iPad. Drafts is a more powerful and versatile solution. Its database structure provides several advantages, including better organization, robust search capabilities, version control, collaboration features, automation, easy export options, and seamless syncing.

The debate over whether to use individual files or a database for storing information is ongoing. There's no definitive answer; it simply boils down to personal preference. In my case, the flexibility and features of Drafts won me over once again.

Published first to Medium – November 3, 2023

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