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For the few of you who've been following along, you'll have noticed that I've changed blogging engines several times recently, even more frequently than my usual pace.

The most recent moves happened over just a few weeks. I went from WordPress to Blot to Hugo and back to WordPress. I wrote this about moving away from WordPress only two months ago:

“Mostly, I switched because I don’t enjoy using WordPress. WordPress is powerful and easy and everywhere, but the editor is unpleasant and everything just feels heavy and overwrought. I also tire of plugins nagging me to “Upgrade to Premium!” all the time. I tell myself I can live with it, but in the end I never can.”

This is reminiscent of what happened to me over the last few weeks. I went from back to posting on Wordpress and Medium. I even started The Daily Click on Wordpress. Now I have switched back to for both ldstephens and The Daily Click. Like Jack, I just don't like Wordpress mainly for the same reason as Jack. The block editor is just fucking horrible. is so easy to use. It's a static site. I write markdown in Drafts and copy and paste it into the editor. That's it, I'm done.

I also appreciate that also allows for the use of custom CSS. I can modify the appearance of various elements of my blog, such as fonts, spacing, background colors, and more.

One bonus of is the active community of writers and readers at This gives my posts exposure that they wouldn't get any place else. It's also a good place for me to read and discover other writers to follow in my RSS feed.

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