Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet

Many people, including myself, have struggled to find a practical use for the iPad, as indicated by the visitor statistics of my blog on Google Search Console. The distribution of device types used to access my blog shows that the tablet, including the iPad, is significantly less popular than the desktop and smartphone, and this trend remains consistent month after month. Specifically, 63% of visitors use desktops, 34% use smartphones, and only 3% use tablets.

It makes me wonder how many people actually own iPads and, if they do, how frequently they use them. While there are certainly iPad enthusiasts like Federico Viticci and Christopher Lawley, I believe that many individuals are in a similar situation as myself.

Given the availability of laptops and larger-screen phones, one may question the necessity of owning a tablet. That said, I have decided to get my 11” iPad Air out of the drawer where it has been sitting idle and sell it to SYM.

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