Ditching the Disappointment: I traded my iPads for an iPhone 15 Pro Max

For years, I've wrestled with the iPad. Remember the dark days of Apple neglecting MacBooks in favor of tablets and introducing that shitty butter-fly keyboard? Like many during that time, I kept trying (and failing) to make the iPad my primary device.

But the truth is, I'm a desktop/laptop guy at heart. Over 40 years of ingrained habits are hard to break! Plus, I'm a die-hard Mac user – always have been, always will be.

So, in the spirit of simplifying my life, I decided to ditch the iPads now there is no more internal struggle about underutilizing them. I traded them in for an iPhone 15 Pro Max, joining my trusty M1 MacBook Air. With Apple silicon Macs everything changed for me. They are a game changer!

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