Does your older iPhone's battery need replacing?

I recently wrote this article where I mentioned, “Coincidentally, my iPhone is also an 11. I have continued to resist getting a new one, and this story by Filipe has convinced me that I wouldn’t gain much (if anything) by doing so.” I'm fairly certain this will still be the case even after the announcement of the iPhone 15 in the next few days.

Since I don't have plans to upgrade to a new iPhone, I decided to check my iPhone 11's battery health to see if it needs replacement. I haven't been experiencing any of the common signs that usually indicate the need for a new battery, such as decreased battery life, quick draining, unexpected shutdowns, charging issues, overheating, or swelling.

So, that leaves only one other thing to check: the Battery Health Percentage. To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If it's significantly below 80%, you should consider a replacement. My iPhone 11 is at 84%, so I'm good for now.

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