Effortlessly combine Reeder, Instapaper, and Obsidian to enhance your RSS reading experience

While sitting at my desk the other day, I realized it was time to streamline my RSS reading routine. I was constantly bouncing between apps: Reeder as my RSS client, Goodlinks for saving articles to read later, and Omnivore for highlighting and listening to articles.

This juggling act felt inefficient. I decided to centralize everything in Reeder. With Reeder's built-in Read Later functionality and its integration with Instapaper, I can now manage all my reading needs in one place. I added my Instapaper account to Reeder as a “save to location,” allowing me to also read my saved Instapaper articles directly within Reeder.

But that's not all! By opening an article in Instapaper for highlighting, and thanks to the new Obsidian plugin for Instapaper, my highlights will effortlessly flow into Obsidian. This new approach promises a smoother, more integrated reading experience!

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