Everything you need to know about Apple Notes

Hey friends, Apple Notes has come a long way and has become a really powerful app. It’s the app that I use for long-term reference documents and quick capture. If you’re not using Apple Notes it is worth a fresh look. And even if you are using Notes you’re going to want to check out Josh Ginter’s article the “The Ultimate Guide to Apple Notes”.

In his article, Josh discusses how Notes has grown in functionality to become a top note-taking app for Apple devices. He covers its formatting options, such as titles, headers, lists, and more. The Convert to Pages feature allows easy migration of complex notes. Tables, links, images, videos, and PDFs can be added to notes. Quick Notes enable efficient capturing across iOS devices. Notes can be collaborated on with iCloud users. Security features like locking notes and text recognition enhance privacy. Notes can be organized with tags, folders, and Smart Folders. Seamless search capabilities, sharing, and pinned notes for quick access are also available. You can check out the full guide here.

Published first to ldstephens.net – August 23, 2023

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