Exploring Apple's Journal Suggestions in the Day One app

Apple's new Journal app, launched with the latest iOS 17.2 update, offers a clever smart journaling experience – for iPhone users, at least for now. The app's core feature is its personalized suggestion and prompts system, designed to inspire daily reflection.

Speculation swirled around whether Apple would provide a Journal Suggestions API for third-party developers. And today, we have an answer: yes!

Introducing Journaling Suggestions for Day One

Today we’re excited to announce a new way to deepen your journaling practice: Journaling Suggestions. Journaling Suggestions in Day One provide personalized journaling recommendations inspired by your photos, locations, activities, and more, bringing a whole new level of introspection and discovery to your daily reflections.

Journaling Suggestions are available exclusively for Day One for iPhone beginning in version 2023.25. You’ll also need to update to iOS 17.2. […] ​Behind the scenes, Day One now integrates with the Apple Suggestions API to bring Journaling Suggestions directly into Day One.

Being a long-time Day One user I don’t see myself using the iOS Journal app especially since the same Suggestion system is now in Day One version 2023.2. For those in the Apple ecosystem who want to get started with journaling Apple's new Journaling app would be a great place to get started.

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