Fastmail vs ProtonMail: A Comparison

If you’re searching for a private alternative to Google’s Gmail, you need to read this. I started using Fastmail when I stopped using Gmail in 2015.

Fastmail Blog:

Looking for a private email service? We break down the similarities and differences between Fastmail and Protonmail.


Fastmail, however, provides more of the features users expect from an email service, including an easy-to-use calendar and a powerful search function.

Another huge difference that sets Fastmail apart is that it offers users the ability to create hundreds of aliases. This allows you to decide which email address is used for what. This increases the level of privacy and puts more control in your hands. Also, Fastmail’s customer service and support are quick to respond, friendly, and are email experts happy to apply their knowledge to your situation.

​If you're looking to upgrade your privacy and productivity and join the best in email, go sign up for your free 30-day trial of Fastmail.


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