From Floppies to iPhones: My 40-Year Love Affair with Technology (and It's Not Over Yet!)

Another year wraps up, and the clock is ticking closer to another birthday. I'm turning 79 in a couple of days! Can you believe it? Forty years have whisked by since I first laid eyes on that clunky Compaq Portable at work in 1984. I was instantly hooked, and my fascination with computers, with Apple, with the whole fucking digital revolution has never flickered.

My journey with technology began decades before wrinkles etched themselves onto my face and my knees and hips started protesting when I go for a walk. As I said, it all began in 1984, with a hulking Compaq Portable plopped on my desk at work. With its monochrome screen and dot matrix printer, that beast started a fascination that's never dimmed in the 40 years since.

Think about that, 40 years! I've used a computer almost every single day of my life for four decades. I've seen floppy disks morph into flash drives, desktops shrink into MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, and the internet explodes from a niche curiosity into what it is today.

And speaking of Apple, in 2015, I decided to share my passion with all of you — hence, this blog was born. I’ve loved every minute of it for nine years, over 1,000 posts, and countless cups of coffee later.

Some might think reaching almost eight decades means slowing down and putting the keyboard aside. But not me! As long as my fingers can type and my mind keeps buzzing with ideas, I'll be right here, sharing my stories and insights. The tech landscape is ever-shifting, and there's always something new to explore, a new gadget to try, a new app to try. So, consider this a promise: I'm not disappearing anytime soon!

Happy New Year, friends!

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