From Web Interface to Native Apps: Enhancing Your ChatGPT Experience

I've been using ChatGPT regularly for several weeks, and it has been really useful for my writing and idea workflow. So, I thought it would like to have a dedicated ChatGPT app for Mac and iOS instead of using the web interface.

For a Mac app, MacGPT came highly recommended by several reputable websites, including iMore and Apple Insider. MacGPT by Jordi Bruin is a simple native app for macOS that allows you to quickly access ChatGPT 3.5 from your menu bar. With just a click, you can open ChatGPT and start chatting with the powerful language model, Assistant.

Now, for an iOS app, I came across a video by Tim Harris that shows you how to create a ChatGPT app for the iPhone and iPad using Shortcuts. Once set up, it works very much like MacGPT.

Let me tell you, using dedicated apps for ChatGPT significantly amplifies productivity versus the web interface.

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