Google Play App Store: Malware Infected Apps Removed, but still available on third-party app stores

Bill Toulas, Bleeping Computer

An Android remote access trojan (RAT) known as VajraSpy was found in 12 malicious applications, six of which were available on Google Play from April 1, 2021, through September 10, 2023. The malicious apps, which have now been removed from Google Play but remain available on third-party app stores, are disguised as messaging or news apps.

Apple has fought against third-party app stores on iOS for several reason and the above is an example of exactly why.

Apple argues that allowing apps from outside the App Store would compromise iPhone security and user privacy. They point to potential malware risks and the difficulty of regulating third-party stores. Apple values tightly controlling the iOS ecosystem to ensure a consistent and curated user experience.

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