Have a complaint about your CVS Pharmacy? I do and so do pharmacists!

CVS, the pharmacy chain, is facing dual discontent from its pharmacists and customers alike. Pharmacists employed by CVS have taken a drastic step by walking off the job to protest what they consider unsafe and highly stressful working conditions caused by chronic understaffing.

Imagine entering your local CVS store, only to find the pharmacy unmanned, resembling a ghost town. This unsettling scenario is a reality for many as pharmacists are often left to manage their duties solo for an astounding 64 hours a week.

I experienced this firsthand just this week when I drove up to the pharmacy window at my local CVS in New Jersey to collect a prescription. To my dismay, I found myself waiting for over 10 minutes before I could obtain my medication. Frustrated by the delay, I asked the pharmacist if she was the sole staff member on duty, and she was. This chronic understaffing issue has been a shit show at my CVS store for several years, prompting me to lodge numerous complaints with store management. Regrettably, my efforts to address the problem have yielded no satisfactory resolution.

In essence, both pharmacists and customers are caught in the crossfire of CVS's operational challenges and mismanagement.


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