Here's where people buy their iPhones, iPad, and Macs

Michael Potuck

In a report last year from CIRP, we learned that most iPhone purchases in the US happen at carriers, not Apple.


71% of US iPhone sales between September 2022 and 2023 happened at carriers, up from 67%. And that pushed Apple’s share of US iPhone sales down to 21%.

US iPad sales remained the most diverse – and were similar to the last report with Apple taking 30%, Best Buy and Amazon tying at 19% each, and carriers accounting for 15%.

Apple’s continued to dominate US Mac sales. That grew from 39% in the last report to 47%, with Best Buy taking 24% and Amazon in third with 14%.

Some interesting stats. Despite Apple store locations and online presence, the data shows that most US iPhone purchases actually happen at carriers. This surprised me, as I had assumed Apple would be the primary source for its own products.

Published first to – December 8, 2023

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