Hertz dumps EVs, including Teslas, for gas cars ➡️

Sean O'Kane

Hertz is selling off a third of its electric vehicle fleet, which is predominantly made up of Teslas, and will buy gas cars with some of the money it makes from the sales. The company cited lower demand for EVs and higher-than-expected repair costs as reasons for the decision.

The sell-off began last month and will continue through 2024. As some electric vehicle-focused blogs have noted, they’re being sold at steep discounts. The company said in a Thursday morning filing that it is recognizing “approximately $245 million of incremental net depreciation expense related to the sale,” which is a dry way of saying it’s taking a bath on the decision. Hertz told shareholders that it believes it will be able to make up that loss in the coming years.

This is not a good look for Tesla and EVs in general.

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