How I consume news, blogs, books, and podcasts

I started this blog post months ago and it has just been sitting in my ideas folder, so I thought I would dust it off and get busy completing it. First off, I consume content on my iPad Mini, iPhone, and Kindle Paperwhite.

To keep myself updated on blogs and news, I rely on RSS feeds managed in Reeder. For articles and long-form content I plan to read later, I use Goodlinks. Suppose it turns out that I want to highlight or listen to something. Well, I'll send it off to Instapaper for that. As a side note I don’t keep highlighted articles in Instapaper I export the highlights to Obsidian. That way I’ll always have a permanent record of all my highlights including a link back to the original article.

Podcasts offer endless opportunities for learning and entertainment. I use Overcast on my iPhone to manage my podcast subscriptions and listen to episodes while doing my daily workout or driving.

When it comes to reading a good book, there's no substitute for my Kindle Paperwhite. Its e-ink display and lightweight provide a comfortable reading experience, and with its vast book library, I always have something to read.

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