How many computers do I need?

Dallin Crump

For several months I made do with only a desktop. Now I also have a laptop (again). But do I really need both?

Having a laptop again has reminded me of how nice they are in terms of flexibility and portability. Yet I also like the desktop's power and ease of repairs and upgrades. But analyzing my tech use after obtaining a laptop, the only things I use my desktop for on a regular basis are light gaming (dedicated graphics) and data storage (2 TB HDD). Everything else – writing, communication, web browsing, etc. I prefer to do on my laptop.

I'm really feeling the need to consolidate and scale back on the technology I own

Scott Nesbitt

It's not that I own all that much hardware, but I feel like I have more than I need. In 2023, I'll definitely be paring back when it comes to the devices I own.

Reading this prompted me to get busy and sell my desktop Mac. Like Dallin, I’ve been using an M1 iMac desktop recently and now have a laptop (M1 MacBook Air) again. Since getting the Air my iMac has sat unused except for on a couple of occasions. I do my writing, communication, web browsing, etc. on my laptop as well.

That said, I’ve been vacillating on selling my iMac. Realistically I just don’t need it. I have a quote to sell my iMac from Sell Your Mac, so yesterday I reset and packed up it up ready for drop-off at our local UPS Store.

Here’s my current hardware stack:

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