How to Download Everything Amazon Knows About You

Jake Peterson, writing for Lifehacker

Just about everything you do on, with, and around an Amazon product or service is logged and recorded. Sure, you might not be surprised to learn that when you visit Amazon’s website, the company logs your browsing history and shopping data. But it goes far beyond that. Since Amazon owns Whole Foods, it also saves your shopping history there. When you watch video content through its platforms, it records all of that information, too.


Unfortunately, while you can access this data, Amazon doesn’t make it possible to delete much of it. You can tweak your privacy settings you stop your devices from recording quite as much information. However, once logged, the main strategy to delete it is to delete the entire account it is associated with. But even if you can’t delete the data while sticking with your account, you do have a right to see what data Amazon has on you, and it’s simple to request.

How to download all of your Amazon data

Go to Amazon’s Help page. You’ll find the link under Security and Privacy > More in Security & Privacy > Privacy > How Do I Request My Data? Once there, click the “Request My Data” link.

Direct link: Request Your Personal Information – Amazon Customer Service

Reading this article a few days ago, made me curious to know what Amazon knows about me. So, I decided to request a download of all the data that Amazon has collected on me.

I won't go into the detail of the data, but I'll tell you it is a lot of information. If you're curious to know what Amazon knows about you, go ahead and make a request. As a side note, it took Amazon a couple of weeks to email the link to the downloadable data to me.

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