How to scan to “text” on iPhone

Hey friends, have you ever wanted to scan a document and have it scan to “text” instead of PDF or JPEG? Well, now you can with Simple Scan.

Simple Scan by Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise is a portable scanner app for iPhones. It allows you to capture high-quality scans of papers, receipts, and photos with just a few taps. You can save your scans as PDF or JPEG files and easily share them via email or cloud services. In addition to PDF or JPEG with version 5 you can now scan to text“Text” format option shares on the text recognized by optical character recognition as plain text. This can be output to a text file, or shared to other applications as text.

I have a workflow where I can scan a document to “text” and share it directly into Drafts Greg's other great app.

Check it out.

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