How to see the Today View in Apple's Reminders sorted by Lists

I prefer organizing my day sorted by lists in Apple's Reminders. While the app provides alternatives like sorting by due date, creation date, priority, and title, the list-based sorting feature is noticeably missing. In this post, I'll share the workaround I've crafted to view my Today tasks sorted by lists until Apple (hopefully) introduces this feature in a future update.

Creating a Group:

To get started, I create a new Group in Reminders and give it the name “Today's ToDo List” or any title that suits my preference.

Smart Lists for Each List:

Within the “Today's ToDo List” group, I set up a smart list for each of my existing lists. This involves creating a new smart list and filtering tasks based on the specific list criteria.

Accessing Today's ToDo List:

When I want to see my tasks sorted by lists, I simply click or tap on the “Today's ToDo List” group. This action opens up a comprehensive view of all my tasks for the day, neatly organized by lists.

Now, managing my daily tasks is organized in a way that I can quickly identify and prioritize tasks based on their respective lists. Give this method a try to streamline your daily task management in Reminders.

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