How to sketch in Ulysses 30

Yesterday, Ulysses 30 was released with the ability to sketch with an Apple Pencil on the iPad and to finger draw on the iPhone. Being curious, I wanted to try this out. So, I opened a new sheet in Ulysses on my iPad and tried to draw with my pencil. However, it didn't work. Instead, I got Scribble, which is actually great if you're into that. I tried several times but couldn't figure out how to sketch. I even searched on Google and YouTube but couldn't find anything helpful.

Today I figured out how to do it. There’s an article in the Ulysses Guides.

Images and Sketches | Ulysses Help


After adding an (img) tag, you can also insert a sketch on your iPhone or iPad by tapping “Add Image” › “Sketch…”. This will open up a clean canvas where you can draw with your finger or your Apple Pencil. At the bottom of the canvas, you have access to a set of drawing tools, such as pen, pencil or marker. Sketches can only be created and edited on iPad and iPhone, but they can be viewed on Mac.

To continue working on a sketch, tap the sketch again in the editor and then tap the pencil icon in the top-left corner.

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