I doubled-down on RSS

Eric Bailey

So, there you have it:

A random person on the internet who freaked out and jammed as much of his entire Twitter feed into his RSS reader as possible. He then freaked out about freaking out, and then freaked out again about the new prison he built for himself.

I’m not sure I’d recommend doing what I did, but I do think RSS is an incredibly powerful, under-appreciated, and under-utilized technology.

As our communities continue to fracture, an open data format like RSS may be a way to bind them back together. The web just needs to double-down on it first.

I've been using RSS for almost 10 years now. With RSS, I can see all the news and content from about 100 different individual websites and 30 news sources all in one place, without having to go to each website separately. As you can imagine, this saves me a huge amount time and makes it easier to keep up with everything.

One cool thing about RSS is that you get to pick and choose which websites you want to follow. This makes your reading experience tailored to your interests! If you're not using RSS you should really give it try. And please read Eric's complete post.

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