I hated writing with the Apple Pencil on my iPad. Not anymore!

I spend a lot of time on my iPads. One thing I would like to do more often is use my Apple Pencil for thinking and jotting down quick notes. But I didn’t because it doesn't fucking feel right. Paper is paper and pen on paper is something entirely different. What I discovered is that writing with the Pencil on iPad can feel more like pen and paper depending on the tool that you use.

I recently read Thord Hedengren’s article “Writing on Glass – PenTips” in line with this subject.

I've tried two alternatives recently, and finally feel ready to mention them. Both are from an accessory maker called PenTips and, as the name implies, they focus on custom tips for your Apple Pencil. I actually went for their other option first however, which is a screen protector much like Paperlike and its ilk. […] Being that impressed with PenTips's magnetic matte screen protectors, I had to try their Apple Pencil tips. They're available in a wide variety, and sold in packs. That implies that these tips will wear out, and while I've yet to do that, I can see them being damaged in a bag for example. They're softer than the default Pencil tip, and rubbery to give more friction when touching the glass. It's not an identical feel, I don't think, and rather mushy in comparison at first, but you get used to it. Now, picking up a hard Apple Pencil tip feels weird against the glass. I prefer the PenTips to the screen protector variant because it lets me see the screen as it's meant to be.

On Thord’s recommendation, I ordered a box of 3 – PenTips 2 Plus.

My PenTips arrived a little over a week ago. Excited I opened the box and immediately put one of the tips on my Apple Pencil and started doodling in GoodNotes. The PenTips added texture, reducing the slipperiness, and provided a more paper-like feel, which improved my precision and control while writing with the Apple Pencil.

Published first to ldstephens.medium.com – December 17, 2023

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