I took a big gamble today: My macOS 14 Sonoma install

macOS Sonoma was released on September 26th, and I installed it on September 28th. I usually wait several months before installing new updates but not this time. The installation went off without a hitch. I’ve discovered that installing new OSs on M series Macs is much smoother than with Intel Macs.

So why was I in such a hurry? I was anxious to try macOS 14 Safari site-specific apps. Site-specific apps are web apps that can be created from any website using Safari. They are functionally identical to the websites they are based on, but they offer several advantages, including:

Site-specific apps are a great way to improve your workflow and productivity. For example, you could create site-specific apps for your favorite work tools, social media platforms, or news websites. This allows you to launch them quickly and easily, and to keep them isolated from other websites and apps.

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