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The other day I quoted Zsolt Benke where he writes about using a big iPhone and a small iPad mini as a writing environment, and believes it's a use case worth exploring. He acknowledges that others have been doing this for years, and they use their iPhone and iPad for content creation, not just consumption. One of those others that he mentions is Patrick Rhone.

Patrick wrote the entire first draft of a book with two index fingers on an iPad screen and, to a lesser extent, his thumbs on his iPhone, which he routinely uses to compose long-form blog posts. Reading Zsolt's post and watching Patrick Rhone's video has had me thinking about the device I use for writing for several days.

Patrick Rhone

The iPad provides a full screen, immersive, distraction free writing environment by default.

Based on Zsolt's suggestion, I'm currently trying out the use of my iPad Air for writing in the coming weeks. One thing I have already noticed is that I can type more efficiently on the 11” iPad Air Magic Keyboard compared to the larger MacBook Air keyboard. This is due to my shorter fingers. Typing on the smaller 11” iPad Air Magic Keyboard greatly improves my typing accuracy and speed.

M.G. Siegler

In short, I write almost everything on the iPad. But I edit and publish almost everything on the Mac.

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