iPad Pro rant: the clipboard saga that tests my patience daily

Let me tell you something: I love my iPad Pro. It's a fantastic tool for reading, research, and even writing. But here's the deal: the lack of a decent clipboard manager makes me want to tear my fucking hair out.

Every. Single. Day. I'm copying and pasting things. Snippets from articles, research notes, half-written sentences. And yet, on the iPad Pro, it's an exercise in frustration. The measly one-item clipboard is a joke.

Sure, there are those workaround tactics that I wrote about the other day, but let's call a spade a spade – they're just that, work-arounds. I get pissed when I start a task that demands copying and pasting; it's at that moment I reluctantly shift to my Mac. A move that shouldn't be necessary yet becomes an unavoidable ritual due to the iPad Pro's clipboard limitations.

Why should I be compelled to switch devices mid-stream just to manage a fundamental function like copy-pasting? This iPad Pro issue really bothers me, even though I enjoy using it. It deserves better, and it's high time Apple addressed this glaring shortcoming. Fix it please, Apple.

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