iPhone content capture update

It's been a little over a week since I started this experiment. I tried a new approach to capturing content directly into its final app instead of using Drafts. I planned to use iA Writer for blogging, Apple Notes for notes, and Things for tasks, with a “Quick Add” shortcut on my iPhone's Dock to streamline the process. However, this experiment didn't work out.

Here’s why:

Drafts is simply better at capturing temporary notes, quick thoughts, and ideas. It excels at quickly grabbing those fleeting thoughts and snippets of information. When I need to merge content, Drafts allows me to easily combine notes which isn't available in iA Writer or Apple Notes. Apple Notes also lacks a simple way to export or move captured content. These limitations make it less practical for my workflow.

In conclusion, Drafts remains my go-to app for initial content capture and organization on my iPhone.

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