iPhone Home Screen: Why one is all I need

Since trading in my two iPads, my iPhone 15 Pro Max has become my daily driver. This shift made me re-evaluate how I use the Home Screen for maximum efficiency. Here's the thing: I despise cluttered screens with multiple pages, folders, Today View widgets, or widget stacks. So, my challenge was to access everything I needed from a single, Home Screen.

Here’s where the “Choose from Menu” action in Apple Shortcuts comes in. The “Choose from Menu” action in Apple Shortcuts is designed to streamline iOS device automation. It allows you to create customizable menus, presenting options for you to choose from when the shortcut runs. Whether it's selecting a favorite contact, choosing from a list of apps, or picking a specific destination in a navigation app, the “Choose from Menu” action lets personalize your shortcuts and tailor them to your specific needs.

I use three “Choose from Menu” shortcuts:

By placing these shortcut icons on my Home Screen, I have all my essential apps and shortcuts readily available on a single page.

I learned how to create the shortcut from this article, How to Create an App Launcher Using Shortcuts | appsntips. It explains how to create it from start to finish.

This approach might not be for everyone, but if you want a clutter-free Home Screen, give “Choose from Menu” shortcuts a try!

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