Ivory for Mastodon gains post editing and more on iPhone and iPad

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Starting today, Mastodon users with Ivory for iPhone and iPad can now access post editing using the app.

Ivory version 1.1 is out now with these changes:

  • Edit Posts
  • Report Users and Posts
  • Support for Mastodon server language translation services (if your server has them)
  • Various other small bug fixes

Amidst all the hoopla I've been able to resist getting a Mastodon account until a few days ago. The first thing I did, after signing up, was install two Mastodon apps on my iPhone. Ivory and Ice Cubes. Both are nice apps. Being a long-time Tweetbot user I knew I would like Ivory from the get-go. And I did. It was missing one feature that I wanted. The ability to edit a post. I'm excited to see this feature added to version 1.1 today.

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