My iPad Pro is a dedicated writing device

I’m always looking for ways to better utilize my M2 11” iPad Pro since the majority of my work is done on my M1 MacBook Air. The one thing I’ve always enjoyed doing on my iPad with the Magic Keyboard is writing. So, what I’ve done is transform my iPad Pro into a dedicated writing device.

To do this, I eliminated any app unrelated to my writing workflow. I’ve established the perfect writing environment by organizing my writing apps and customizing my settings. Now when I’m ready to sit down and start writing I automatically pick up my iPad Pro.

Six reasons the iPad Pro is the perfect writing device:

  1. Powerful Performance
  2. A Magic Keyboard That Feels Like Home
  3. Apple Pencil Support for Natural Note-Taking
  4. A Portable and Versatile Writing Companion
  5. A Universe of Writing Apps
  6. A Distraction-Free Environment

M.G. Siegler

In short, I write almost everything on the iPad. But I edit and publish almost everything on the Mac.

Published to – December 7, 2023

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