No More Posts to Email

Kev Quirk

So I just sent my email subscribers a final email explaining that I won't be sending them any more emails. That's because I've cancelled my Buttondown subscription and decided to stop the post-to-email service on this blog.

Well, a few days ago I sent an email to all the subscribers on the list asking them:

  • Whether or not they find the service useful
  • If they do, to send me an email to let me know

It been 4 days and no-one has emailed me, so I think that's pretty telling. […] A very conservative estimate of my web server logs show that this site (and RSS feed) gets many orders of magnitude more than that, every month.

I stopped taking new email subscriptions and sending emails for posts to existing subscribers of this blog several months ago for essentially the same reasons as Kevin. The majority of the views for this blog come from read, the RSS feed and google search.

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