PGA Tour and Saudi-Backed LIV Golf Merge: Money Talks, Golf Integrity Walks

In a truly mind-boggling move, the PGA Tour has decided to cozy up to its Saudi-backed, LIV Golf. Because what better way to enhance the integrity of the sport than by joining forces with a dubious rival?

According to ESPN, the PGA Tour, LIV Golf, and DP World Tour have all huddled together “under one umbrella.” I suppose it’s easier to share an umbrella when it’s raining money.

When questioned about this questionable merger, one brave PGA Tour player had a rather colorful response, exclaiming, “No f—ing way.” Can’t blame him, really. It’s hard to see the logic in propping up a sinking ship like LIV Golf. But hey, who needs rationality when there’s a boatload of cash involved?

Another PGA Tour pro complained “It’s insanity,” the PGA Tour player said. “The LIV tour was dead in the water. It wasn’t working. Now, you’re throwing them a life jacket? Is the moral of the story to just always take the money?””

Now, here comes me the disgruntled non-golf-playing fan, throwing a fit and exclaiming, “What the fuck!” The PGA should prepare for the wrath of their disillusioned players and viewers.

In summary, the PGA Tour has made a move that is as baffling as it is shame-worthy. Let’s see how this merger pans out and whether it will be remembered as a stroke of genius or a swing-and-a-miss. Golf fans, get ready for a wild ride, because it looks like the game just got a whole lot messier.

Sorry, I just had to rant about this.

Originally published at on June 6, 2023.

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