Quoting Manu Moreale: I am not a writer


Over the past 2380 days, I wrote 321 blog posts on this site, including this one. That doesn’t make me a writer. The act of writing itself doesn’t make someone a writer. And you don’t have to be a writer in order to write on a personal site. People often tell me they don’t have a personal blog because they don’t know how to write. That is clearly not true. What they’re really saying is that they don’t consider themselves writers. Because a writer is someone who writes in a certain way, is someone who considers writing a skill to perfect and to master. Writers love the act of writing. That is not me. And that also doesn’t have to be you. I am not a speaker and chances are you’re not one either. And yet you’re probably speaking with other people constantly in your life without giving it a second thought.

I am not a writer and I don’t plan to become one. And that’s ok. What matters here is not the writing, is the communication. Is the exchange of ideas, and the sharing of experiences. That’s why more people should have personal sites and why more people should write. Because those ideas matter, those experiences matter and are worth sharing.

What Manu had to say here really resonated with me. I like to think I’m a writer but I’m not. I’m a blogger.

A blogger is an individual who regularly publishes content on a blog. Blogs are online platforms where bloggers share their ideas, experiences, expertise, or opinions on various topics or personal reflections. Bloggers create engaging and informative articles, accompanied by images, videos, or other media. They cultivate a community of readers who follow their blog and interact through comments and social media.

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