Read this before buying: Everyone is using headsets like Apple’s Vision Pro wrong, a study says. ➡️

Shira Ovide, The Washington Post

A face computer like the Vision Pro, Bailenson said, is “amazing. We should use it but hardly at all.” (Stanford University professor Jeremy Bailenson)

The research suggests that wearing computer headsets for long stretches could be risky to our brains, physical safety and social connections – and that the ways people have loved using the Vision Pro misjudge what the technology is best for.

Few people are wearing the new generation of headsets, such as the $3,500 Vision Pro or Meta’s $500 Quest 3, for hours at a time. Bailenson said that researchers and technology companies need to pay attention to the benefits and downsides before the devices become widespread.

We didn’t do that with smartphones, and now we’re digging out from their effect on our attention spans, happiness and health.


And he chafes at using headsets like the Vision Pro for hours to do office work or watch movies. But that is how Apple and Meta have imagined you’ll use their goggles.

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