Reading and Writing Output

Reading and writing go hand in hand and play essential roles in my writing process. A significant portion of my writing comes from the time I spend reading, whether it's news articles, blog posts, or columns. These sources form the foundation of my ideas and inspirations, contributing to approximately 90 percent of my writing.

When I'm not reading my creativity suffers and I struggle to generate new ideas. This leads to a lack of new articles for my blog, highlighting the crucial role reading plays in my writing output.

To that end, I have embraced various tools and platforms to streamline my reading and enhance my writing process. One tool is RSS, which I use alongside Reeder, a widely-used RSS reader. This combination allows me to curate a personalized feed of articles and blogs that align with my interests and focus areas. By consolidating the vast amount of information available on the internet, RSS and Reeder help me stay informed and expose myself to diverse perspectives.

Additionally, I rely on Instapaper as a valuable “read-it-later” tool. With the overwhelming abundance of online content, finding time to read everything that interests me can be challenging. Instapaper comes to my rescue by enabling me to save articles and blog posts until I'm ready to read them.

Conclusion: I need to read in order to have something to write about.

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