Reflecting on the iPad event

Joe Rosensteel “If you are someone who regularly uses an iPad, and you needed new hardware for some reason, then any new iPad hardware is an iPad for you. If you didn’t use an iPad (or had one collecting dust on a shelf) I don’t know why today’s announcements would make you want to buy an iPad. […] The consistent refrain before, and after the event is that Apple isn’t addressing the iPad software platform. […] Unlike some others, I’m not expecting any dramatic innovations at WWDC this Summer, and even if there were you’d be on a beta iPadOS until the Fall if you really wanted to use them. […] Anyway, this is my two cents, as someone that can’t remember the last time he charged his iPad Pro.”

A couple of months ago, to simplify my digital life and address the constant struggle of underusing my two iPads, I made a switch. I traded them in for an iPhone 15 Pro Max. That fucking alleviated the question of “where do iPads fit”? My iPhone and MacBook Air combo handles all my needs.

The only thing that would get me to consider adding an iPad back to my tech stack would be the addition of a legitimate clipboard manager and the ability for apps like Alfred or Raycast to run on the iPad. We'll see what happens to iPadOS at WWDC but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.

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