Renewing my Feedbin subscription: A lingering dilemma

My Feedbin RSS service subscription is due for renewal in a few weeks, and I'm once again grappling with the decision of whether or not to continue.

Last year, I reached a point where I couldn't tolerate Reeder's unreliable iCloud sync service any longer. It's iCloud sync has been plagued with issues since the 5.3.5 or 5.3.6 update, causing me endless frustration. To address this problem, I had two options:

  1. Subscribe to Feedbin, which works seamlessly with Reeder and offers lightning-fast sync. However, this would incur an annual $50 fee.

  2. Switch to NetNewsWire, where iCloud sync works okay.

My dilemma stems from my preference for Reeder over NetNewsWire. But is the convenience of Reeder worth the $50 annual Feedbin subscription?

Now, I'm facing the same decision yet again. I've been testing iCloud sync on both Reeder and NetNewsWire. While Reeder's sync has improved, it still falls short of my expectations. NetNewsWire, on the other hand, performs okay but lacks the speed of Feedbin.

I could conceivably adapt to using NetNewsWire and iCloud sync. However, I've been a loyal Reeder user since version 3 in 2016, and I genuinely adore the app. With a few weeks left before my decision deadline, I'm leaning towards renewing my Feedbin subscription and sticking with Reeder.

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