Replacing your phone battery instead of buying a new one

Nicolas Magand:

Last Friday, I went to the Apple Store here in Strasbourg and replaced the battery on my soon to be 3-year-old iPhone 11.


Replacing the battery also pushes me to commit at least one more year to my iPhone 11. I won’t replace my phone this year with one of the new iPhone 14, as my current phone from 2019 still works fine and I know that thanks to this brand new battery the fourth year of use will not be a pain.

This is excellent advice for most iPhone users, including me. I also use an iPhone 11. It functions perfectly and I love it. But I have noticed that the battery isn’t lasting quite as long as it used to. So checked the battery health and it’s at 87%. In my mind, that’s still pretty damn good.

I’ve been getting the itch for a new iPhone. Nicolas has reminded me that I don’t need one. I may need to replace the battery soon, but that is certainly far cheaper than a new iPhone.


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