Some thoughts on where to go as Twitter flails

Baratunde Thurston

There’s no single social media space to which Twitter refugees are fleeing. There are blockchain-based protocols that promise user ownership of their social graph like Lens and the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (disclosure: DSNP is a project associated with Project Liberty, whose Unfinished conference I regularly host). There’s Tribel which promises to be a “kinder, smarter social network.” Through Kara Swisher, I learned about Post, a news-focused platform she advises which was founded by former Waze C.E.O. Noam Bardin. Mostly, though, I hear about Mastodon.

Look, I have a different take on this whole thing you know people fleeing Twitter for other social media platforms.

​I recently wrote, “I'm on Twitter with a very narrow use case. I use it to market my blog and posts. I follow app developers of apps that I use to keep up with the latest information about their apps. And last for breaking news. That’s it!”

As you read above, You'll notice that I don't follow individuals on Twitter. Instead, I follow their blog via the RSS feed. I don't need to follow them on a social media platform. I'm not interested in all the fucking chatter there. The important things that they have to say are posted on their blog.

So for all the individuals that you follow on Twitter, you might want to check their profile and see if they have a blog. If they do follow it. It probably has an RSS feed. You can get NetNewsWire a free RSS feed reader to follow all the individual blogs you're interested in. That way you get their most important stuff and none of the chatter.

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