Stay Ahead of Thieves: iOS 17.3 Beta's 'Stolen Device Protection' Reinforces iPhone Security

Hey friends, I want to let you know about a new security feature in iOS 17.3 Beta. It’s the “Stolen Device Protection” feature that enhances iPhone security in case your device gets stolen and the thief knows your passcode. This optional feature adds an extra layer of protection by requiring Face ID or Touch ID for additional actions, even if the passcode is compromised.

This feature is a big step forward for iPhone security. Even if your passcode is leaked, thieves cannot access sensitive data or disable security features without your biometrics.

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This sounds like a very thoughtful solution to a devilishly tricky problem: a combination of biometrics, a time delay, with exceptions for when you’re in a known location like work or home.

But overall, this new feature clearly seems like a win for security

For especially sensitive actions, including changing the password of the Apple ID account associated with the iPhone, the feature adds a security delay on top of biometric authentication. In these cases, the user must authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, wait one hour, and authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID again. However, Apple said there will be no delay when the iPhone is in familiar locations, such as at home or work.

Remember, this feature is currently in beta.

Published first to – December 18, 2023

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