Streamline Your Ulysses Journaling with a Quick-Add Shortcut

Hello friends. This post is for Ulysses enthusiasts! I've recently found a way to speedup my journaling workflow within Ulysses. Not only am I using it for my regular writing, but I've also adopted it for my Monthly Journal. I wanted to be able to add journal entries swiftly, without the need to navigate through Ulysses menus. So, here's a Shortcut I hacked together for the Mac:

Here's how it works:

1. Input Prompt: It starts by prompting you for the text you want to enter.

2. Format Selection: Next, it allows you to choose the format for your entry, whether it's plain text, markdown, or HTML.

3. Position Selection: It then asks where you'd like to position the text within the sheet, whether at the beginning or end.

That's it! To keep my entries consistent, I created two Keyboard Maestro text snippets:

For Monthly Journal Headings:

2023–10: Monthly Journal

For New Entry Headings:

23 October 2023 02:58 PM

This setup has significantly boosted my Ulysses journaling experience, making it quick, efficient and uniform.

So, if you're a Ulysses user, don't hesitate to give this shortcut a try.

Published first to Medium – October 23, 2023

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