Lee Peterson:

If you’re working on your own new blog or have an existing one it’s good to write smaller posts like this one, not share on Twitter all of the time. I find that I get more engagement, grow my traffic and more importantly own my content when I simply treat my blog as I want – to share my thoughts, big or small.

Why don’t you give it a go for 30 days? Hide your Twitter app from your main home screen and add your blogging platform one instead.

This is good advice. If I have something to say I say it here. I only tweet links to what I post here and nothing more.

#Linked #Blogging

ldstephens has been hosted on since I started blogging in 2016. Over the years, WordPress has become less of a blogging platform and more of a general web development platform. The change that forced me to start searching for a new home for ldstephens was when the Block Editor was forced on its users.

The first time I heard about was in a Mac Power Users Forum thread. Being curious, I signed up for the 14-day trial and started checking it out. By the way, thank you, Matt, for extending my trial to 30 days. I don’t need the full 30 days, and I’m signing up for 5-year plan today.

Anyway, my research led me to this blog post by Marius Masalar from April 2021 Every Blogging Option Sucks. Except the one that makes sense for you.