The MacBook Air’s wedge is truly gone — and I miss it already

Victoria Song, The Verge

I had mixed feelings when Apple did away with the wedge in favor of a more traditional shape for the M2 MacBook Air. Did it feel a bit like sacrilege? Sure, but at least the wedge wasn’t gone gone. There was still the M1 Air. Except now that the M3 Air is here, it’s been discontinued. Now, it really is the end of the wedge era and I can’t help but feel bereft.


But I also have an M1 MacBook Air that I use for work. Recently, jumping back and forth between the two, I’ve come to appreciate the wedge more than I thought I would. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I find it easier to type on. When I’m writing a draft, the sloped edge is more comfortable under my palms. When I tuck it under my arm while walking through the office, it just feels better. […] But looking back, a wedge-shaped Air was present during some of the most momentous parts of my life and career. Now that I can’t get another one? I’m going to hold onto this M1 Air for as long as I can.

The other day I wrote that I was going to get a new M3 MacBook Air. Then I read this. My M1 wedge MacBook Air does everything I ask of it. There is absolutely no reason that I need an M3 Air. What I have is good enough. But, you never know? Apple's trade-in prices are pretty good right now.

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