The podcast and blog subscription dilemma

I regularly listen to several podcasts and read numerous blogs. This morning, while tuning in to one of my favorite podcasts, the hosts dedicated a significant amount of time to discuss their membership and encourage people to join. And that got me thinking about how much it would cost if I subscribed to every podcast that I listen to and blog that I read.

In today's digital age, podcasts and blogs have become integral to our information and entertainment landscape. However, we now grapple with a growing dilemma – the increasing prevalence of subscriptions and the introduction of paywalls.

You're probably no stranger to this scenario: You come across an intriguing podcast or an interesting blog, and you're eager to consume their content. But more often than not, you're confronted with a subscription prompt, asking you to pay for premium access. Take, for instance, reading something on here on Medium these days. I'd estimate that 80 to 90 percent of the articles are accessible only to paid members. By the way, my content is free to all.

Subscribing to every podcast or blog you enjoy as a content consumer is clearly not a feasible. It's what some might refer to as “subscription overload.” To illustrate, two blogs that I read regularly offer limited free content, but to gain full access, they charge $200.00 per year each. That sums up to $400 per year for just two blogs. While I would love to have full access to both, it's simply not financially viable. Anyway, you get the fucking idea.

The podcast and blog subscription dilemma is a challenge that many of us encounter. While supporting content creators is essential, it's equally important to manage your subscriptions sensibly.

Published first to Medium – October 28, 2023

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