The user verdict: Why Apple's loyal base is key to defeating the DOJ antitrust push

I left Android for an iPhone years ago. And I've always been happy with the product and its ecosystem and would fucking hate to see it become like Android. I believe Apple's satisfied customer base is a strong defense in its lawsuit.

Apple can argue that their high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty prove they offer a very desirable product. Customers freely choose iPhones, indicating a lack of forced market dominance.

Ben Lovejoy

After literally years of investigation, the DOJ antitrust lawsuit is finally official. Apple is accused of using a dominant market position to lock in customers, block competitors, profiteer, and stifle new technologies.

David Sparks

A taxpayer-funded lawsuit against a trillion-dollar company is not going away anytime soon. […] Can the government force Apple to make the iPhone more (for lack of a better term) hackable and diminish its market advantage? I suspect many Apple customers don’t even want that.

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