Twitter Blue Will Cost More on an iPhone

Chris Hannah

There are quite a few publications sharing information regarding the pricing of Twitter's Blue subscription, that it will be more expensive from an iPhone. This is to cover the revenue cut that Apple take from all purchases on the App Store and their in-app payment system.


I'm not sure how this will play out. Especially as to some, Twitter isn't even a place to be for free, let alone pay for it. But, if they can get more public attention on the cut that Apple takes from in-app payments, it would be interesting to see if the blame is directed towards Apple, or Twitter for not just accepting that cut, and keeping the end user pricing the same on all platforms.

This is more bullshit coming from Elon. Now he's penalizing iPhone users because he doesn't want to pay the cost to be in the Apple App Store. Screw you Elon!

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