Web Finds and an iPhone Tip – January 25, 2023

Did you know that Siri will restart your iPhone for you? To restart an iPhone using Siri, you'll need to say “Hey Siri” and verbally ask Siri to “restart my iPhone.” Siri will confirm that you want to restart your device and will then shut it off and turn it back on.

You can also shut down your iPhone with Siri. To shut down an iPhone using Siri, you'll need to say “Hey Siri” and verbally ask Siri to “turn off my iPhone” or “shut down my iPhone.” Siri will confirm that you want to shut down your device and will then turn it off.

That's my quick tip for the day.

A dog fell into California floodwaters. Saving him was a team effort.

“Brill, 37, called 911, the start of an hour-long scramble to rescue her pooch — one that would involve an Apple AirTag tracking device, firefighters and a homeless man confused about the barking that suddenly echoed throughout his encampment.” This is heartwarming story.

Pluralistic: The public paid for “Moderna’s” vaccine, and now we’re going to pay again (and again and again)from Cory Doctorow

“But the story of the Moderna vaccine isn't one of a company taking huge gambles with shareholder dollars. It's the story of the US government giving billions and billions of dollars to a private firm, which will now charge the US government – and the American people – a 4,460% markup on the resulting medicine.”

Another Two Weeks Wasted as Twitter Reverses Dumb Decision

“Twitter has reversed course on its extremely unpopular decision to make an algorithmically generated timeline the default for all Twitter users. On Tuesday, the company’s support account tweeted that Twitter would go back to users defaulting to seeing the accounts they follow in chronological order, if they so choose. The change will start on the web version of Twitter before “soon” updating the iOS and Android versions of the app.” They continue to make changes only to reverse them a few days later. What a shit show!

Tesla Will Build Heavy Trucks at a New Factory in Nevada

“Tesla will build a factory in northern Nevada that will manufacture electric semi trucks, the company said Tuesday, putting pressure on traditional truck makers like Daimler and Volvo that are just beginning to sell battery-powered vehicles. The factory, along with a new battery plant, will add 3,000 employees at an existing Tesla facility east of Reno. Tesla said it would invest $3.6 billion in the truck plant and the new factory to build the company’s most advanced battery cells.”

Stop Using Camera Covers for Your MacBook

“your MacBook has a few software solutions to help ensure your camera isn’t spying on you. The simplest thing you can do is notice the LED next to the webcam on your MacBook—it’s a security feature built into your Mac and it’s very hard, if not impossible, to bypass: When the light is on, your camera is active. You can also review your camera permissions by going to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Camera and denying camera access to apps that don’t need it. A similar preference is also available in your browser’s settings page, so be sure to revoke camera access for sites you don’t use.”

Mozilla revamps its read-it-later app Pocket with new tabs and curated recommendations

“Pocket, a popular read-it-later app acquired by Mozilla in 2017, is rolling out two major changes to its mobile reading experience, as it faces new competition from startups like Matter and open-source alternatives like Omnivore. The company today is revamping key features, including its Home tab and its “My List” tab, which is now being rebranded as “Saves.”” The revamped Android app is available now. The iOS app will be available later in the year.

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